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You may recall, All In replaced the Muddy ACCE Race in 2022. The reason for this change was succinctly stated by Giles County Administrator, Chris McKlarney. “The Muddy ACCE Race was a tremendous success as a fundraiser and built the ACCE program brand. However, it also required 3,000-5,000 volunteer hours to plan, construct the course, staff the course and break it back down every year. While it brought tremendous visibility to ACCE, and was a wonderful fund-raising tool, the primary beneficiaries of all of that volunteer labor were those running the race. We realized, if we were to re-focus those hours into our community, tremendous benefit would be realized.

We additionally saw an opportunity to connect Giles students with the community. In doing so, this would nurture a sense of place/pride, teach some life skills, and help them to understand how important and satisfying it is to volunteer in their community.”

Newport Community ACCE project
Community Support + Students Continued Education = A Better Workforce and a Stronger Community
In summary, McKlarney added: “In addition to their education, one of the most important things these kids can learn is what it means to be part of their community and how to contribute to it.”

ACCE All In is building on our existing service projects to directly serve Giles County and its residents. Students will help our elderly population, local youth, and animals, in addition to other county projects.

We want to give our students an education in all areas: classroom instruction, community engagement, and the “soft skills” of communicating and working with people from all backgrounds. With our new focus, students will see more aspects of our Giles County community.

All in with support

Charlie Mullins
ACCE Program Manager
Giles County Administration
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Pearisburg, VA 24134
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$ 25 / MONTH

Donations of only $25 a month ($250 year) can help pay for students books.

Get a sticker and a cool Giles ACCE cap when you signup for recurring monthly donations.


$ 1000 / year

Our Gold Sponsors are the heart of our program. Sponsors who donate this amount will receive a Sponsor Package with sticker for your car or business, beautiful ACCE garden flag, Giles/ACCE cap and so much more.

One Time

$ 50 - $100

All donations go directly to the ACCE program. Every dollar donated is tax deductible and benefits students from Giles County, Virginia.


Projects completed in 2022 include handicapped ramp construction, homeless shelter improvements, senior citizen events and supply delivery, events to support foster parents, landscaping and maintenance projects on community facilities, and community cleanup efforts including ReNew the New.