A Burden Lessened, Giles ACCE Supports Goals!

Giles County,
have been many benefits derived from the workforce development program in Giles
that provides two years tuition free scholarships to New River Community
College. One that might not be as tangible as number of participants, or funds
raised, is the lessened burden to families and students as they pursue their
post high school educational goals. Today we hear from second year ACCE student
McKayla Yopp.  

McKayla Yopp Acce Student head shot

“Back when I was an 8th grader at good old Narrows High School, I heard that my cousin had to do volunteer hours to get her college paid for. To be honest, I did not think much of it. I was just in eighth grade so I was not thinking of my future. Throughout high school, everyone was talking about this program. I knew that I would end up doing the ACCE Program. I also knew I always wanted to do something with computers. When my senior year rolled around, I knew exactly what I was going to do after high school: participate in the ACCE Program and go to New River Community College. All I had to do was pick a major. With the help of my vocational school instructor, Mr. Johnson, I settled on Information Technology- Network and Technical Support Specialization. Without the ACCE Program funding, I would have probably gone to the Newport News Shipyard and worked a job that I would probably hate. With the ACCE funding I could be less of a money burden to my parents. After this year, I will graduate New River. My plans after graduation are to get a part time IT job and attend Radford University to get my Bachelors in Computer Science. ACCE has helped to lessen the cost of my education for my parents. After all my schooling is done, I either want to become a Network Administrator or work in an IT Department in an office somewhere. I want to personally thank everyone in Giles County for giving me this awesome opportunity to chase after my dream job instead of working a job I hate. The ACCE Program is amazing and I am honored that I was able to be a part of it.”

The Muddy ACCE
Race, to be held on September 21, 2019 at the Glen Lyn Park was created to
raise funds for the ACCE Program in Giles County. Participants of the 2019 MAR
will directly support scholarships for the 62 students involved in the program
this year while continuing the spirit of community and support these students
feel. The Muddy ACCE Race is a 5k, 50+ mud obstacle course event that is
challenging for elite runners and family friendly. There is a youth mud pit
area and fun categories for participants to win accolades. Registration is now
open at MuddyACCERace.com and information on vending or sponsoring the event
can be found on the website as well.