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Mya Robertson

12 Dec

I am currently a freshman at NRCC. My educational goals are to complete my Associate Degree in Science, and then transfer to Radford University to receive my degree in Medical Laboratory Science. ACCE is playing a huge part in helping me to achieve my goals. Thanks to ACCE, I have attended NRCC with little to no expense to myself or my family. ACCE has also allowed me to work within my community. I have been able to help people in ways that I would never have been able to do without this program. I have delivered supplies to community members in need. To see their faces light up because of my visit and gifts is something that has touched my heart. I was also a part of the New River Clean Up. Volunteerism is such a crucial part of Giles County's story and being a small part of that story was eye-opening. I never knew how much trash was in our area and how much of a difference volunteers made in correcting that problem. One person and one group can make a difference. While earning my hours and working at the Admin Building, I learned how to use my people skills more efficiently. I learned to speak more clearly and to maintain eye contact, both skills that I needed more practice with. In the end, ACCE has not only allowed me to attend college with no debt but has helped me mature and be a better person through the community service projects that I have been a part of. I am very appreciative of the ACCE program and the opportunities it has given me.


Jonathan Lloyd

4 Nov

I am currently attending NRCC working on my degree in secondary education. I hope become a history teacher and work locally, teaching the next generation. ACCE has helped me tremendously in my pursuit of higher learning and has let me give back to the community I’ve known my whole life.


ACCE Program Outcome, Gratitude

29 Jul

Giles County, VA- Preparations are well underway for the 2021 Muddy ACCE Race and those beneficiaries of the event, the ACCE Students, wanted to introduce themselves to you. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight a few of these ACCE students. ACCE stands for Access to Community College Education and is a program designed […]


Solving One Piece of the Puzzle to Be Set Up For Future Education Goals

1 Sep

Giles County, VA- Many of the region’s Access to Community College Education, ACCE, students have returned to classes. As these students think about the upcoming year, and beyond, the resources and tools provided through the program help facilitate a smoother transition to accomplish their goals from high school to higher education. Today we hear from […]


Being a Part of Giles ACCE Runs in the Family

30 Aug

Giles County, VA- Family binds us together and the Access to Community College Education program in partnership with Giles County and New River Community College allows for our young people to continue their education with a larger ‘family’ of support through finical scholarships. Today we hear from veteran ACCE student Lauren Reed. “I am entering […]


Local sports celebrity supports ACCE!

27 Aug

Thanks Mike Williams for your support of the Muddy ACCE Race and the ACCE program in Giles County, VA!


Giles ACCE Allows for Further Education

31 Jul

Giles County, VA- We are getting closer to the Muddy ACCE Race and our young people are enjoying a summer of community service, friendships, and memory making. Soon our ACCE students will be returning to New River Community College to begin their semesters. Today we hear a little insight from current ACCE student, Hunter Trenar. […]


Giles ACCE Opens Doors

17 Jul

Giles County, VA- As we continue into a successful year of developing our young people with creative opportunities to further their education, the Giles ACCE program asked participants what it means to them. Up first we hear from Lindsey Renee Stables, a second year Access to Community College Education student. From Lindsey: “I first became […]


Students are the winners at inaugural Muddy ACCE Race

4 Oct

Date: October 4, 2016 Students are the winner at inaugural Muddy ACCE Race Giles County, VA- 73 students came out true winners at the inaugural Muddy ACCE Race, held on October 1 in Giles County. Before the first wave of runners took off from the Caboose at the Glen Lyn Town Park sponsors and in-kind […]