Giles ACCE Opens Doors

Giles County, VA- As we continue into a successful year of developing our young people with creative opportunities to further their education, the Giles ACCE program asked participants what it means to them. Up first we hear from Lindsey Renee Stables, a second year Access to Community College Education student.

Selfie of Giles Student
Lindsey Stables, current Giles County ACCE Student

Lindsey: “I first became aware of the ACCE program in my sophomore year while
attending Narrows High School. I was intrigued by the opportunity and was
interested in learning more about it. I decided in the following year, as a
junior, that I would begin my enrollment as a New River Community College
student. I took a few dual enrollment classes to get a kick start and was
certain that the path I was meant to follow was that of an ACCE participant. It
seemed as though it was meant to be. Of course, I was already set on attending
college even before I had heard about ACCE funding, because I knew that
obtaining a college degree would greatly benefit my future. However, the
opportunity of being awarded with two free years of college tuition seemed to
boost my motivation and will to succeed beyond measures. I knew that with this
ACCE funding I would have a better chance at being able to afford my dream
college, Virginia Tech, in the future. Two years without student loans has made
my dream far more attainable.

of ACCE, I have been given the opportunity to further my education by obtaining
a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and possibly even a PhD. My goals are limitless now
that I have had a boost in my education, one that I will always be grateful
for. I am currently enrolled in my second year at New River Community College,
majoring in AA&S, Science. I am planning to attend Virginia Tech College of
Science in the fall of 2020 to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences
and possibly continue into Graduate School. I have high hopes in becoming a
Biologist or a Professor of Biology.

would like to give gratitude to the Giles community, sponsors, and participants
supporting the Giles County ACCE Program. You have given myself and students
like me the opportunity of our lives. Thank you for opening doorways that were
rather hard to open on our own. I have never had so much care and support as I
have within this special group of people. This journey has been promising and
fulfilling, one that I am eternally grateful for.

The Muddy ACCE Race, to be held on September 21, 2019 at the Glen Lyn Park was created to raise funds for the ACCE Program in Giles County. Participants of the 2019 MAR will directly support scholarships for the 65 students involved in the program this year while continuing the spirit of community and support these students feel. The Muddy ACCE Race is a 5k, 50+ mud obstacle course event that is challenging for elite runners and family friendly. There is a youth mud pit area and fun categories for participants to win accolades. Registration is now open at and information on vending or sponsoring the event can be found on the website as well.

logo for Muddy ACCE Race with mud splatter behind


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