Giles County Muddy ACCE Race 2017 Receives Donation of $411,000

This past Saturday, the 2017 Giles County Muddy ACCE Race was declared a resounding success. The Muddy ACCE Race (MAR), which is only in its’ second year, is the principal fund raising event for the Giles County ACCE Program (Access to Community College Education). Saturday, MAR raised a significant amount of scholarship monies from the 106 business community sponsors and, of course, those that ran. In addition, there was another donation, of great significance.


County Administrator Chris McKlarney, in accepting the check explained, “This year, the race nearly doubled in terms of participants with 614 runners and it raised more than $86,000. In addition, this $411,000 donation from New River Health Care Complex will go to an endowment that will provide funding to ACCE in perpetuity. Obviously, we are very excited and appreciative of this outpouring of support from this community that loves and supports its’ kids. This program is changing lives and will improve our community as a whole over time.”

Giles County Board of Supervisors Chairman “Ricky” McCoy added; “This donation of $411,000 for the Giles County ACCE Program is inspiring. Education is our top priority and the key to a successful future for our community. The secondary benefit of the program is the improvement of our workforce which will have immediate impacts to our economy. It’s one more example of the giving nature of the Giles Community; particularly where our kids are concerned.”

Board of Supervisors Vice-Chairman Paul “Chappy” Baker ran Saturday in the 2017 Muddy ACCE Race. Afterwards he commented: “When I look around me today, and see that we have 614 people running, ACCE students, police, fire and EMS volunteers, county and school personnel, church youth groups, 69 business sponsors, members of the NRV media,  civic clubs,  and hundreds of spectators here, it gives me a great sense of pride. They are all here supporting the youth of our community. God Bless America and God Bless Giles County!”

Board of Supervisor Jeff Morris echoed all the above sentiment, and added; “A person can’t help but feel a sense of pride for another reason as well. Whenever you read an article about ACCE or hear a news report, it is always stressed that ACCE, which is now in nine high schools in the New River Valley, started here in Giles County. The entire Giles Community has joined together to lead the way in bettering the futures of our youth.”

The existence of ACCE and the ability to hold the Muddy ACCE Race event are possible solely through the extensive level of support, coordination and collaboration between each and every aspect of the entire community. In elaborating upon this and in closing, McKlarney gave examples; “Support began weeks ago when Celanese sent many of their employees as part of their Global Impact Month to help construct the course. They didn’t stop there; more than 100 of their employees ran the race, including the site manager Matt Stewart who has been a tremendous supporter of the event. They have done everything possible to see that this was successful and we are very appreciative. The outpouring of volunteer effort is truly amazing. Police, Fire, and EMS crews from every agency in the County worked to help get the course ready. Fire departments pumped more than 60,000 gallons of water on the course and many competed also. A special thanks is also in order for the Town of Glen which hosts the event annually. The town donated the location, manpower, and equipment to help make the event successful. I can’t imagine a better location and setting to host an event like this!”

For more information on the ACCE Program and the Muddy ACCE Race go to  You will also information on Facebook or Instagram page @Muddy ACCE Race.

Stay tuned for the Giles County Muddy ACCE Race 2018- the third Saturday of September 2018.



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