An opportunity to connect Giles students with the community nurturing a sense of place/pride, teach some life skills, and help them to understand how important and satisfying is is to volunteer in their community.
A new ACCE initiative simply titled, “All In”, which has replaced the Muddy ACCE Race, allows students to give back to their community who so generously supports them. Students complete volunteer hours while also learning life skills and the importance of giving back to the community. This new model of supporting our ACCE students will include year-round opportunities to complete community impact projects and to show your support through financial giving.

A partial list of ALL IN Giles projects completed over this past year include handicapped ramp construction, homeless shelter improvements, senior center events, senior supply delivery for lower-income, landscaping and maintenance projects on county and town facilities, as well as participation in community cleanup efforts such as ReNew the New and maintenance at Treasure Island Park.


New volunteer project ideas are being continuously evaluated and vetted for acceptance. The New River Valley Agency on Aging, Habitat for Humanity, Celanese Corporation and many other community volunteers partner with the ACCE All In program on these projects.

Ty Roberson & Aaliyah Epling - Food Program 2-1
Treasure Island mulching

ACCE students, along with Celanese, local residents and community leaders, and Melissa Cohen from the Pearisburg Police Department helped mulch Treasure Island Playground in Pembroke. October 28, 2023

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The ACCE program, this year, is supporting 62 Giles County graduates from homeschool and public and private school to further their education at New River Community College. The students involved receive tuition-free education for two years for their completion of community service to our communities and maintaining other requirements of the program. The total life of the program has almost 400 students from Giles benefit.

Last year private businesses, partners, the Giles County School Board, civic organizations, and local communities supported the Muddy ACCE Race event and therefore directly supported the ACCE program and our Giles County young people.

This is an opportune time to support a workforce development program as well as one of the emerging destination events in Southwest Virginia. Sponsorships are appreciated at any level with benefits beginning at $250. We hope you might consider committing to a monthly gift that can be set up on our website, at any level.


You can see pictures from ACCE students and our community impact projects, already underway on our Facebook and Instagram at @ACCEAllIn. We are currently working with partners and sponsors to make it a beneficial relationship to all parties.

Thank you for considering an enhanced partnership with Giles ACCE All In.

2023 ACCE Student Projects

Brush/Trash Cleanup 6/28/23: During our first ACCE “All In” project of the season, seven ACCE students and members of the maintenance crew collaborated to clean trash and brush outside of an elderly man’s home in Narrows. This would have been an extensive project for someone to complete on their own, but due to everyone’s hard work, the project only took about four hours to complete. This project was very rewarding for all who were involved. The following ACCE students participated in this project: Jaden Songer, Isaiah Maxwell, Rachel Keffer, Rylie Johnson, Liam Ralph, and Kaylee Hopkins.

Margo Johnson and Molly Lucas with two of many individuals who benefit from Senior Supplies Distribution.

Senior Supplies Distribution 10/18/23: Margo Johnson, Macy Steele, Molly Lucas, Mya Robertson, Henry Brown, and Liam Ralph spent their Wednesday evening delivering supplies to those in need throughout the county. ACCE students who participate in Senior Supplies Distribution are able to connect with community members and promote the ACCE Program by giving back to the Giles County and its residents. 

Tent Set Up 7/6/23: Nine individuals, including three ACCE students, helped set up a tent for a community event in Pearisburg. Minor projects like this remind the community that the ACCE Program is readily available and willing to help when local organizations and community members are in need. The following ACCE students participated in this project: Lakyn Simmons, Grace Ellison, and Kaylee Hopkins.

Tent Set-up by ACCE students
Newport Community Service Project

Newport New Path 8/8/23: Virginia McWhorter, a Newport resident, noticed the poor condition of the sidewalk in her community, and requested the ACCE Program's help. Five ACCE students dedicated their Tuesday evening to restoring the sidewalks. In only three hours, the community became more safe and inviting, just in time for the Newport Agricultural Fair. The following ACCE students participated in this project: Isaiah Maxwell, Rachel Keffer, Jayden Stephens, Nick Pratt, and Ryan Gilbarte.

Handicap Ramp Construction and Painting 9/7/23 – 9/22/23: The ACCE Program
collaborated with Frankie Odell and Craig Whittaker to construct a handicap ramp for an organization in Pearisburg. Ryan Gilbarte, Jonathan Lloyd, and Abbie Cook are among the ACCE students who participated in this project.

Handicap Ramp Construction
Jonathan Lloyd, Abbie Cook, and Ryan Gilbarte Giles County Maintenance Supervisor Jessie Williams

Board Game Drive 8/26/23: The ACCE Program and Giles County employees collaborated on a board game drive for foster families in the county. Board games and card games can promote unity in foster families by encouraging open discussions and, therefore, helping foster children and parents form a connection. This was a great opportunity to re-home unwanted games to benefit foster families in the community. With the help of ACCE students, county employees, and members of the ReNew the New Committee, we received over 80 board/card games.

Boxed Game Collection
Kaylee Hopkins, Caryl Allen, Sherri Nipper-Williams, Jonathan Lloyd, and Rachel Keffer (left to right)
ReNew the New Project
A few of our ACCE students pictured with Jeff Morris.

Fall Into the New 8/26/23: All of our ACCE students participated in ReNew the New’s annual river clean-up, “Fall into the New”. Hundreds of people from Giles County and surrounding areas united for one purpose: keeping the beautiful New River clean and healthy. Participating in well-known, impactful events like this not only allows ACCE students to give back to their community, but it also allows us to advertise and reach individuals who might not know about ACCE.

Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter Volunteer

Before the event even started, we learned how things would go at the event from the Animal Control officers, Bill and Jacob, and it showed how much they care about the animals and want them to get adopted. As soon as the event started, people were piling in, and we handled the dogs as instructed to secure them a forever home. So many dogs were adopted quickly, with only a few left after the first hour. While we waited for the rest to get adopted, we walked them around outside and even the store so more people could see them. As more and more people walked in, the remaining adoptable dogs dwindled. After an amazing show from the Precision K9, we started to pack up with the remaining couple of dogs who were adopted later that day. The event gave all of us insight into how much the animal shelter crew, the volunteers, and the community genuinely care about these animals.