Patrick Enterprises Corporation Embraces 40th Anniversary and Looks to Future Growth

Patrick Enterprises Corporation Embraces 40th Anniversary and Looks to Future Growth


Teresa Collins, CEO and President of Patrick Enterprises Corporation in Pembroke, Virginia, shared about the exciting opportunities ahead for the company and how being involved in the community is top-of-mind as they develop from within Giles County. The 25 employees of Patrick Enterprises are what stands out the most to Teresa. Each employee at Patrick Enterprises Corporation values craftsmanship, quality products, superior customer service, and community pride. 95% of employees have been with the company over 10 years and many have been members of the team for over 30. They hope to add at least five new positions to the team this spring and 25 production positions will be filled to meet the needs of future projects that are in the works. Many factors make this homegrown business special. An open-door policy is just one component that makes for a successful management and production collaboration team.


You may have seen the building that Patrick Enterprises operates out of from Route 460 as you near Pembroke coming westbound. Did you know, as of 2023, they’ve been in business for 40 years? After starting operations in Patrick County, they moved to Pembroke shortly after, and are currently looking towards the future to expand both in product offerings and facilities. They are rebranding and have developed a new website, (, that will help share their ongoing story.


Patrick Enterprises Corporation is a custom metal fabrication company. The majority of their inputs are purchased within the region, and they have customers that ship their products all over the world. They workand provide custom products for customers in Fortune Global 500 companies, including: OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), construction and mining equipment manufacturers, and down hole drilling industries. With such a portfolio of impressive customers, Patrick Enterprises is investing in new machinery and technology to continue to provide top quality products. New machinery investments include a new rolling machine, two HAAS machine centers, a number press machine, and has plans to install a blast room on site at their facility. Trova Commercial Vehicles is a startup company and new customer working with Patrick Enterprises. Trova CV is spurring growth for Patrick Enterprises Corporation by electing to manufacture components of their new products and cabs for Spotter trucks at Patrick Enterprises. Patrick Enterprises are optimistic that future cab assembly will be completed within the Pembroke facility, bringing those new employment opportunities.


Beyond the products they deliver for customers, Patrick Enterprises wants to further provide for their community by fostering an internship program. They have been actively involved in supporting programs at the Giles County Technology Center, New River Community College, Christiansburg High School, Floyd County High School, and Virginia Tech for many years. They have also been supporters of the Giles County Access to Community College Education (ACCE) program since its inception. The ACCE program has provided free college opportunities for over 400 students and the program is thriving because of the support of Patrick Enterprises Corporation.


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“I want Patrick Enterprises to give back to my team and community, what they have given to us” was the sentiment shared by Teresa. Her own child and many Patrick Enterprises Corporation employees’ children have taken advantage of the ACCE program to continue their education. The team at Patrick Enterprises Corporation was mostly born and raised in Giles County and they are proud of the work they do, the people they serve, and the community of which they are a part of. More information on the ACCE program and Patrick Enterprises can be found on their respective websites.



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