Solving One Piece of the Puzzle to Be Set Up For Future Education Goals

County, VA-
Many of the region’s Access to
Community College Education, ACCE, students have returned to classes. As these
students think about the upcoming year, and beyond, the resources and tools
provided through the program help facilitate a smoother transition to
accomplish their goals from high school to higher education. Today we hear from
ACCE student Stephanie Buckland.

ACCE Student Stephanie poses in graduation cap and gown outside.

“I first learned about the ACCE program during my time at Narrows High School. Without ACCE funding I would have been able to attend college, but, it would have been much more difficult as it would have been financially draining. I would have been forced to take out many student loans, and I wouldn’t have been able to take as many college level classes throughout high school thanks to dual enrollment/distance education. Thanks to ACCE, I will be able to achieve a double associate’s degree in Police Science and Forensic Science. After NRCC, I plan to attend Radford University to further my education in Forensics. After I graduate, I plan on going through the police academy and becoming a crime scene investigator.

Personally, I would like to thank everyone that has an involvement in ACCE for giving tons of students the ability to go to college and further their careers, whereas without it they might not have been able to even attend a college. We are truly very lucky to have been given such an amazing opportunity.”

The Muddy ACCE
Race, to be held on September 21, 2019 at the Glen Lyn Park was created to
raise funds for the ACCE Program in Giles County. Participants of the 2019 MAR
will directly support scholarships for the 62 students involved in the program
this year while continuing the spirit of community and support these students
feel. The Muddy ACCE Race is a 5k, 50+ mud obstacle course event that is challenging
for elite runners and family friendly. There is a youth mud pit area and fun
categories for participants to win accolades. Registration is now open at and information on vending or sponsoring the event can be
found on the website as well.