Volunteering Pays Off with ACCE

Giles County, VA- The Muddy ACCE Race is now less than two months away. ACCE students throughout Giles County have been completing their required volunteer time, as part of the program. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to highlight a few of these ACCE students. ACCE stands for Access to Community College Education and is a program designed to provide tuition scholarships to New River Community College to Giles County graduates. The Muddy ACCE Race is a primary fundraiser to support the program. Featured here is Seanna Perkins, a recent graduate and current volunteer with the Tourism Marketing Office of Giles County. All ACCE students have volunteer hour requirements as part of their successful enrollment in the program. In her volunteer time with Giles County Seanna has been working to promote Giles County and other administrative tasks.

Seanna Perkins, ACCE Student

“My name is Seanna Perkins and I am a rising sophomore at NRCC. After completing many college credits during high school, I decided to participate in the ACCE program to maximize my general studies before transferring to Virginia Tech to major in Mathematics and eventually become a math teacher. My decision to get involved in the ACCE program was heavily influenced by my participation in National Honor Society during high school. After completing service hours for that organization, I understood the importance of volunteer work within Giles County. Additionally, the ACCE program greatly decreased the cost of college for me, which is also important so that I do not sink into a hole of student debt for a lifetime. The ACCE program has taught me that hard work truly pays off. After volunteering for 100 hours this summer, I will never forget how those long days and early mornings ultimately paid for my college education at no actual monetary cost to me. To anyone considering participating in the ACCE program, think adamantly about how essentially two and a half full-time work weeks of volunteer work can pay for a semester of college. Thousands of dollars can be saved that can be used for other essentials. In the same way, volunteering in Giles County is rewarding in itself due to the unwavering support from community members. A special thank you to any organization I have worked for this summer. By allowing me to work with you, my college education is made possible.”

If you are interested in learning more about the NRCC ACCE program in Giles, please visit www.gilescounty.org. For more information on the 2021 Muddy ACCE Race, www.gilesacceallin.com.